Thursday, June 22, 2006

A Ghost, and Now A Wormhole?

First it's a protein-pilfering poltergiest, and now apparently, I have hit a wormhole on my own road.

The scene:
I'm driving my American-made, 4WD pickup truck, on the road I actually live on.

I'm listening to Sean Hannity.

I have guns, and ammo on board.

Lots of guns.

Lots of ammo.


I'm going to my outdoor bullseye shoot.

I hate whiny, leftist hippies.

I love Jesus, my family and America.

Life is good.

I pull up to the two-way stop (sign); the first traffic device in 5 miles.
As I am ready to restart my journey (after a complete stop, of course), I note that I cannot, as there is another car coming down the road, precluding my proceeding along my merry, firearms-filled way.

Now two vehicles meeting at the same time at this intersection is unlikely, but certainly not unheard of. But here is where it gets freaky.

Not only was there a vehicle approaching from my left, but there was another one behind it!
And one at the stop sign on the other side coming my way!!
And then there was another one approaching from the left at the same time.

Not one or two.


It took me almost 34 seconds from the time I stopped until I got to drive through the intersection! I don't have that kind of time to burn for stupid traffic.

My only explanation: A wormhole transported this huge traffic jam from New York city, or maybe Chicago.

I blame global warming.

How far away do I have to move to get away from all this stressful traffic?