Thursday, June 15, 2006

Ironic and Comedic at the Same Time.

I came across this article and a couple of lines caught my eye.

Activists Jeer Clinton Over Iraq Stance

Kerry, who was widely criticized as the party's standard-bearer in 2004 for being too cautious in his criticism of the war, said Tuesday that politicians "cannot have it both ways."

BWHAHAHAHA!!! John "I voted for before I voted against" Ferry is saying that?!?!?!
Now THAT'S funny!!!

You think it's a coincidence that they're called JK Flip-Flops?
I say they're aptly named.
(Of course, this is only funny if you're a total geek.)

And from the Lizard Queen (same article, same dirty-f***ing-hippie/destroy America fest):

"I do not think it is a smart strategy, either, for the president to continue with his open-ended commitment, which I think does not put enough pressure on the new Iraqi government," said Clinton, before turning to the anti-war liberals' core beef with her.

"Nor do I think it is smart strategy to set a date certain. I do not agree that that is in the best interests," said Clinton, prompting loud booing from some at the gathering.

So what the hell do you think then, other than "Bush is wrong, no matter what"?
Time limit bad; no time limit bad. Republicans bad.

They say these things out loud, and with a straight face.
And lefties eat it up!


People vote for these transparent asshats.

Kool-Aid should be a controlled substance, apparently.

Ohhhhhhh Yeeeeaaaahhhhhhh!