Tuesday, June 06, 2006

New e-Postal Contest

This (partial) target was the beginning of a new era for me.
It is also the target for the latest ePostal Shooting Contest,
e-POSTAL Pistol MATCH: FLYSWATTER II, over at my friend Mr. Completely's place!!

The whole target (here if you want to download it) has twenty flies on it, and was the first ePostal contest I ever shot.
Incidentally, my wife and I mistakenly shot at the wrong distance, thereby disqualifying ourselves, but still rated an honorable mention.
Thus, the ePostal Contest at Mr. Completely's started me down a path of fun, challenge, and great monetary expense.

I shot this first contest and realized 3 things:
1. I love to shoot. I always have, but I had forgotten how much I did enjoy it.
2. I totally suck at shooting, and need to practice (see number 1).
3. Practicing makes me a better shot, and it involves shooting more. (See number one).

And interestingly, the one who told me about it was noneother than the famous Mensa Barbie (who used to comment here!).

Also, Sailor Curt of Captain of a Crew of One has the results for the latest
e-Postal Rifle Match: Cricket

There was a pistol option in this contest (Class 3), and the above target is the perfect score I shot (see the rules over at the contest post).

While I like first place, I just BARELY beat Mr. C. and he was shooting freehand, compared to me shooting off of a bench rest. Not really a fair comparison (although within the rules).

So you know what that means.
You guessed it - more practice!


Finally, a big thank you should go out to Mr. Completely and Sailor Curt!
Now go shoot some targets!! Mr. C is talking about dropping the contest!!!



and don't forget the rifle match, either!!!

Rifle e-Postal Match for June: Walk the Line

Come on shooters! Bring a non-shooter with you and train them to be a safe shooter! More shooters means more fun and more safety. YAY!