Monday, June 26, 2006

The Pro-Union, Pro-America Democrats

Quality Weenie has a great post up regarding our "friends" in the Democratic Party.

Ya know, the pro-American, pro-worker, pro-union, pro-manufacturing party.

I guess the double-standards don't end just with race, religion, gender, income, and sexual proclivities for the Democrats.


Democrats Show Their Bias Against American Automakers.

Another example of bias against american automakers and ass kissing of the asian automakers. Senators are ripping american automakers for their dismissing the Senates efforts to unrealistically raise gas mileage standards while kissing the asian auto makers ass saying that they could do it so why can't american automakers do it. Except they never checked with asian automakers for their opinions on raising the standards before making that statement.
Detroit's automakers should raise gas mileage requirements by 40 percent or face extinction, a key U.S. senator said Tuesday in a tongue-lashing of the industry for its failure to embrace fuel efficiency in the past.

So senators feel they are in the business of putting businesses out of business.


Feinstein heaped praise on Toyota.

"Increasingly, it's becoming the dominant global force in the auto industry," she said.

Ass kissing by democrats at it's finest.

But Toyota declined to endorse the proposal.

Jo Cooper, Toyota's group vice president for government affairs, said there were questions about the feasibility of the bill.

"That's a huge number. It doesn't sound like much, but that's a huge leap forward," Cooper said.

A strong bitch slap delivered by Toyota.

I was going to comment on this, but Quality Weenie couldn't have said it better.

Go read the whole thing here:

Democrats Show Their Bias Against American Automakers.

It is worth the short time it will take to read.