Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Uhh...Which One is the Dumb Animal Again?

At least I have opposable thumbs!

Our cat, Crisco (named so because she's fat in the can) has the wife, daughter and myself trained quite well.
Whenever her food dish is empty, she goes over and presses the buttons on the answering machine, making it squawk and beep and talk and whatever.

Because of the proximity of the answering machine relative to the television set, it is very annoying.
This is because it interrupts us watching Fox News, Ann Coulter interviews, or The Patriot DVD.
We now react quickly, because the "stoopid" cat won't stop until you throw something at her (not a wife-approved move) or fill her food dish.

It is fun to watch us "higher beings" instantly respond to this "lesser animal".

The bad part is, when we're not home, Crisco will turn off the machine, or turn down the volume so it doesn't audibly enunciate new messages with a beep, when someone gets home.
Missed messages (or none at all) are par for the course.

Stoopid cat!

Or is she.....?