Wednesday, August 30, 2006

ePostal Grand Prize!!! YOU SHOOT NOW!!!

That's right!
This contest features the biggest prize I've ever offered.
Pictured here is a totally sweet P16-40 Para-Ordnance semiautomatic pistol.


The Para, perhaps to your surprise, is manufactured in Canada, by people who basically aren't allowed to own them. Much like we will be after the Dems take over.

This beauty here is an ex-cop's gun, hence the holster-wear on the white lettering.
Now, what does it mean when it's a cop's gun?
It means it's probably practically new and rarely fired.
Most cops shoot their sidearms once a year to qualify, and that's it.

Now this gem is tight, and in great shape, other than the aforementioned wear.
This one is in the .40 S+W flavor, and holds a whopping 16 + 1 rounds.
Yes, it is a staggered double-stack magazine in 40 cal with a 1911 body and soul.
17 rounds of 40 in a 1911!!!

John Moses Browning would be proud.

It shoots like a dream, with its adjustable Bomar sights, and a trigger job on it so light it borders on scary. (It actually shot full-auto once (slam-fired), before I got it fixed because it was so light. I don't mind full-auto, but it needs to be selectable, not by happenstance.)

*sniff* It's so beautiful.

And yes, it groups like a peach.

So here's the deal:
1. Shoot the ePostal contest.

2. Date extended until Monday night, Sept. 4, cause it's a holiday weekend - YAY!

3. Modification - Mellow Rino - Any hit on paper is worth 5 points (or more), and I will change any previously submitted entry's scores accordingly.

4. The winner will receive these two pictures via email, plus one picture of the Para with my dog (or cat) if you wish. (Offer void where prohibited, or if my cat is in a pissy mood.)
So lock and load! And safe and happy shooting to you!!!