Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Firearms Injuries.

When will we learn?
Here is another example of a sensless firearms related injury.

Guns are folly, folks. (Folly means fun and necessary, right?)
Look at the bruising.
Look at the carnage.
The damage to my surgeon-like hand is shocking.

The scientific name for this injury is Coltus Slidium Pinchia Yeouchina.
This injury is oft incurred whilst working with a jammed 1911, and accidentally releasing the slide onto one's digit.

While not fatal, it is exceedingly uncomfortable, and leaves an owwy that is painful for a few days. It is probably not as serious as M1 Thumb, but still generally causes cussing.

C'mon people! Think about the kids.
If my hand hurts, then I can't smack those little hellions, and turn them into fine, upstanding citizens.
Then they might grow up and vote for Democrats!!!
And we don't want that.

Do we?
(Unless they are voting for Zell Miller-esque Dems, of course.)

Solution: Mandatory firearms training in all schools starting with BB guns in grade 1.
They'll be up to the sweet .308's and .45's by the time driver's ed starts!

Write your congressmenbeings today!!!

Ok, I've got to go reload some more 45 ACP ammo now...