Thursday, August 24, 2006

PCism At It's Dangerous Best

When you hear descriptions of suspects in print and on the radio, do you ever summon a mental image in your mind?

If a killer is on the loose, do you want to know what he really looks like, or do you want the PC version?

Techinically, the description of the two a-hole criminals is correct, but I think (and you may agree) that it is a misleading description.

Asian students' shock at ejection from jet by passenger mutiny
Two Asian students have revealed their shock and despair after being thrown off a plane because other passengers feared they were suicide bombers.

"We might be Asian, but we're two ordinary lads who wanted a bit of fun," Mr Ashraf told the Daily Mirror.

They should have said, "We are two wild and crazy guys!!"

So people are picking on Asians now? When will the hate stop?
What terror attacks have Asians ever caused?

So, not to confuse people, here are the two Asians:

Uhhhh... With that headline, I was kind of looking for someone that looked more like this:

And here's the scoop, which was not reported until later:

The captain then spoke to the two men and returned to the cockpit with their passports, said Mr Wearden.

"We were then asked to get off the plane and go back to the airport where they did a full security check."

It was then, he said, that his wife Susanne began talking to another passenger who said she had sat next to the two men.

"She said she had heard them saying it was the last 30 minutes of their lives," said Mr Wearden.


"It may well be that the two simply thought they were being funny, but it perhaps better explains the passenger reaction."

He denied this reaction had been racist. "You hear about people making jokes about these things in airports and being arrested and told it is not a joking matter in the current climate. Well this was another case of that."

At the time, he said, he had felt annoyed as he had wanted to "get home and sleep".

"I felt that if people are going to muck around like that they should be the ones that are inconvenienced," he said.

Like I said; a-holes.
And what a cool captain.

Given the confusing nature of descriptions of criminals in the news, here are some examples for your edification and enlightenment:

Here is an African American (Charlize Thereon):

Another African-American (Kim du Toit):

The first black president (in true form here, I might add):

A Swissican (...Swiss chocolate? His words, not mine. Ray Nagin would be proud):

Chinese descent? (She's a Chow Chow ya know - tardchompius bigtimeus):

Siberian (hippie-smitimus maximus):

Hopefully, next time you read or hear a description in the news, this will help you visualize a reasonable picture in your mind! Your life could depend on it!!!

Truly, you can't judge a book by its cover, or now, even by its title.
Happy PC-ing to you.