Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Rural Assault Vehicle

Brother smike had a problem.
He'd be mowing, and he would see something that needed a-killin'.

Sadly, shooting off of a lawnmower at a critter (or a commie) 75 yards away with a pistol is not an easy task, and sadly, there is no place to put a rifle on a mower.
Until now.

In a flash of hillbilly ingenuity, my bro has attached this nifty rifle scabbard to his lawnmower, turning this machine into what could easily be described as the perfect fusion of redneck art and utilitarianism. The rifle, BTW, is a 17 HMR. That's a great varmit round, with a nice, flat trajectory.

Note the hood is removed. This is for increased efficiencey (we're green rednecks, ya know) of the motor, cooling, and let's be honest; just plain, in your face asthetics.

Also, for added comfort and convenience, notice the beer cooler bungee-corded down, next to the luxuriously padded seat.
Class, style, elegance and comfort.
That puppy should have a Cadillac emblem on it.


I'm so proud.

And more than a little jealous, I might add.

Let the a-killin' begin.