Monday, August 14, 2006


I was listening to Sean Hannity this last Friday(?), and he was telling people to voter for Joe Lieberman.


Uh, I mean, "Say what?!?!"

Sean, the "Reagan Conservative" Hannity telling me to vote for a pro-abortion, pro-Kyoto Protocol, anti-tax cut, pro-gay marriage, pro-hate crime, etc, etc?
Not even a mention of the Republican running?

Granted, the guy might not be a sterling example to put up, but Hannity could have at least plugged the Republican Party, and then explained why he was recommending a Democrat in this one case. But he did not...

Does being pro-war and/or pro-Bush absolve all other crimes votes a senator makes?
I like Lieberman in that he is fairly consistent, and certainly affable and civil, which I respect.
But that doesn't mean I would ever vote for him, or someone like him, regardless of what the talking heads say.

Joe Lieberman is a liberal - plain and simple.
His 18 year record cleary, and with out a doubt, reflects this.

So, what is up with this?