Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Two Second Places.

2nd place at GOP and the City's famous Weekly Caption Contest was taken with this quote (by yours truly):

2. Due to his intense CIA training, thanks to his dad, and Haliburton, Bush is able to give Helen Thomas the "Five-Point Palm Exploding Heart Technique" merely by shaking her hand.(That's why he's smiling...)
For those of you that are uninitiated, that is a Kill Bill II reference.
Go over and check all the captions out. Teh funny is in abundance!!
Weekly Caption Contest!

I also took 2nd place in the rimfire Sharpshooter classification in the 50/25 yard outdoor bullseye shooting competition this summer. Not bad for my first time, and my first time being classified, too!!

Now, I know some people are all like, but jimmyb, you're so self-centered and vain.
Sup wit dat?

Well, it is part of my charm...

However, I pride myself on being fair and balanced, as well as being EXTREMELY humble.
That said, here are the offsets to my being 1st loser twice:

1. My centerfire scores for the outdoor league sucked so bad I considered quitting.
Except I don't quit. While that may me noble and all, it does not change the fact that my scores were abysmal.

2. Additionally, we had a steel silhouette shoot to cap the season, and not only did I choke, I was the undisputed LAST PLACE shooter that night.

Almost win some, lose more.
Of course, this means I need to shoot more often, so I can get better.

There's always a silver lining...