Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Dan McKown

Ahhhh...what can one say about the first Gun Bloggers' Rendezvous, set up by the famous Mr. Completely?


But the most compelling part of the trip was the address given by the guest speaker, Brendan "Dan" McKown.

Dan was shot 5 times by 20-year-old Dominick S. Maldonado, on Nov. 20, 2005 at the Tacoma Washington Mall.
He is in a wheelchair as a result of his injuries.

As unlikely a speaker as Dan would seem to be for a Gun Bloggers' Rendezvous, I couldn't imagine a better selection.

He was intense.

And strong.

And eloquent.

And, dammit, he was funny, too.
Describing the encounter with the shooter, he related something close to this:

"So then I said, 'Young man, I think you need to put down your weapon,' which apparently translates in street lingo to 'Shoot me right now.' "

"All I can hope now is that God has some really big plans for that kid. And I hope he has some big plans for me, too. That's all I keep saying, 'God, your will be done.' "

The man was truly inspiring and amazing.
How do you almost die in what is basically a domestic terrorist attack, end up in chronic pain and wheelchair bound, and yet, thank God every day?

I felt about 2 inches tall.

And big as the world too, because my troubles are nothing, relatively speaking.


I guess "wow" about covers it.
And yet it doesn't cover it at all.

And adding insult to injury: The Tacoma PD/Prosecutor's Office has NOT returned Dan's UNFIRED weapon from the case. Great job, f**ktards. Disarm the victim. We're all safe now.

We'll never know how many lives Dan may have save.
He was the last person shot, and the one to draw a weapon on the shooter.

God bless you, Dan. And thank you.

Addtionally, the wife and I also met some totally-way-cool-awesome bloggers.
Man, was I humbled.

More to come.