Tuesday, October 24, 2006

This Is a Test.

Here is a question test to check if someone is a VRWC member (or something else):

Q: How many guns do you own?

Possible Answers:

Hippie - Facist!!

Liberal Politician or Hollyweird Star-
I don't have a gun, but my security team members have at least two full-auto ones each, at all times, but that's ok; I'm special.

Liberal Democrat - What exactly do you mean by.... guns?
Civilize people don't need or own guns *sniff*.

Rural Democrat - One, somewhere around here. I don't see why you worry about guns so much. They'll never take them away from people in THIS country.

Republican - Three. One pistol, one rifle, and one shotgun.

Libertarian - As many as I wish and can afford.

VRWC Member- Uhhhh...what do you mean by how many, exactly? You mean like a hard number?
(Starts counting on fingers... on both hands).
I can probably give you a rough estimate. Sort of.
I dunno? How many should I have?
Not enough.

Ultra-VRWC - What the hell is it to you, commie? You writing a book?