Thursday, November 16, 2006


They're not the cut and run party. Quit saying
Kucinich Calls for Cutting Off Iraq War Funds

Emboldened Democrats to Urge Iraq Exit

They just want to help; you can trust them.
DPH requires health care providers to report HIV patient names
Think of the children. They should track gun ownership, too. Plus, the government never has any trouble with personal files and records, right?

Quotes of the year (from the guy that helped behead three young Christian school-girls):
"We are not cold-blooded killers,"
...the deaths of the Christian girls "were nothing."
Feelin' the peace yet? (Warning! Graphic link.)

Thank God the Dems are getting rid of that whole culture of corruption:
Abramoff Reports to Prison; Officials Focus on (Harry) Reid

FBI Tape Reveals John Murtha's Role in Abscam Scandal

The Legal Woes Of Rep. Jefferson
This is going to be a fun political season, I can tell already.

I took second place in GOP and the City's weekly caption contest.
I was beaten by the guy that judges the contest. Hmmmmm......
(Actually, his is danged funny, and so are the others!)