Thursday, November 02, 2006

Pie-Hole Accidentally Discharges!!!

(BTW, I thought the picture was appropriate this close to Halloween. Thanks to IMAO for putting it up for me to steal!!)

Re: The latest John "I said you weren't a moron before I said you were a moron" Kerry flap.

I'm glad he said what he said. Honestly.

I wish the rabid, leftist communist/socialists that have stealthily (and not so stealthily) taken over the Communist Democratic Party would be honest like this far more often.

Liberals are elitists.
And when they are honest (which is rare), they will come right out and prove it.

They believe they are more intelligent than, and morally (hahahaha!!!) superior to, the "little people"; and especially the ignorant, unwashed "red-stater type" masses.

You know the type - morons: Military people, Jeebus lovin' Christians (Dem politicians: I'm not a Christian, but I play one on TV...), red-neck gun owners, Neanderthal pro-lifers who don't subscribe to the holiest of sacraments: abortion; intolerant jerks that don't want to publicly fund the homosexual agenda for kids in pre-school through graduate school...

You get the picture.

They wish to rule us for our own ignorant good, and to fulfill their lust for power and feed the delusions of grandeur they have as the self-proclaimed saviors of humanity.

You are not good enough, trustworthy enough, and/or smart enough to make your own decisions, teach your own children, feed yourself, run your own business, or own the implements needed to defend your life, your family, your country, and your home.

They hate this country.
They are ashamed of it and its history.
They despise what it stands for.

They are the appointed/anointed gods born to recreate the greatest nation that has ever been into their own twisted Stalinist image.
They love the dark, Godless, yet seemingly (to them) utopian, image of what they long to turn this country into.
They love their vision.

They love themselves.
But they don't love you.
And they sure-as-hell don't love this country.
And when they tell you they do, they are lying to you, and maybe even to themselves as well.

And you should be fearful of them at all times; but especially when they are in power.
And even moreso when they wish to disarm you to "protect" you.

That Kerry despises the military is no surprise. It is common knowledge for anyone that cares to remember. He demonstrated that decades ago.
And he has not changed one bit since then. Of course, the MSM will jump to his defense, as they do for all prominent people who hate America.

But expensive, orchestrated spin does not change the facts.

So I'm glad Kerry has again, and continuously, shown us where liberals stand.
To liberals, the military is but a tool to use on its own citizens to enforce their will.
But never to be used to slay an enemy, or protect the nation.

There is no real defense for these stances, and that is why their handlers and defenders caterwaul and wail about conspiracies and Rovian plots whenever their true thoughts happen to occasionally leak out.
To distract from and cover and legitimize that which is unholy and traitorous and pathetic.

We are, perhaps, involved in more than one war, even now.
The war at home, with a foe more dangerous than Osama could ever be...

But wait!!

What's that?

Kerry was in Viet Nam? John F-ing Kerry?

Oh, reeeeeeeeeally?

Well then - never mind.