Monday, November 06, 2006


Update: I totally forgot about blaming institutionalized racism and singling out the poor and downtrodden to cheat out of their votes!!!
I'll never make a good liberal, I guess.

Never fear, however, the Democrats won't forget these cards...

Post election:

In races that Dhimocrats win, the will say, "The people have spoken...", "mandate...", "people want progressive values (*choke*), etc.
Then, they will insert whichever KOSsatic DUmmy talking points they can get the most milage out of...
Culture of corruption, terrorist civil rights, global warming, Iraq, kitten mills, jobs, economy (?), quagmire, gas prices, spontaneous combustion, or global cooling.

In races they lose, they will (of course) play the same cards they always do -
Disen-french-fried voters, Karl Rove, Republicans bought the election, or stole the election, maybe leased the election, Diebold stole it, the voters were tricked (i.e. are stupid), voters don't understand (that whole stupid thing again), voters are sheeple (stupid anyone?) or their canidate was too conservative and a DINO.

What kind of odds can you give me?

My own opinion? Most R's that lose will lose because they have strayed from conservative values. Those values which have have gotten them elected time and again over the last decade-plus. Many of these so-called Republicans have taken pandering to a Leftist press in words and actions, to be rewarded with air time, news ink, shallow praise (ooooh!! He's a maverick!) and selective fawning, and many seem to have also become drunk with with the power given to them by US - the citizens. The taxpayers.

While I detest the thought of a Democratically controlled anything (they can't even run abortion clinics, and certainly not Congress!), I can't help but admit that some (but not all) of the Republicans troubles are of their own making.

BTW, that doesn't mean I have forgotten the leftist prism through which the R's behavior is viewed in the MSM.
Undeniably, part of the possible losses will be directly attributable to the never ending criticism of the war (and EVERYTHING ELSE) and the Republican administration.
This is always a detriment to Republicans, but the Republicans are by no means beyond reproach, either.

See you at the polls.