Friday, November 10, 2006


Texas rocks so much that they'll elect a dead Republican over a live Democrat.
Pretty smart folk, there!

Her people even kept campaigning for her!!

Texas Republicans campaign for dead candidate

And she end up kicking some ass!!
In District 29, Republican incumbent Glenda Dawson, who died on Sept. 12, won over Democrat Anthony A. Dinovo.
Dawson snagged 21,284 votes, or 60 percent, while Dinovo had 13,984 votes.

They love guns.
Lots of wide-open spaces.
Little (if any) snow.
Low percentage of hippies.
Good hunting.
Traction Control is there.
They CAN'T have more RINO's than Ohio.
They whip on Dems (as the story above atests to).

And GM has a truck plant in Arlington, too.

Could it work?
Southern CUG style?