Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Ohio Slated to Die in 89 Days!!

It's over folks. We're all gonna die!!!
This time it's for real, not like the last time we were going to die when concealed carry originally got passed.

The Ohio Senate (after the House, last week) vetoed the (self) esteemed, convicted criminal Bob Taft's veto of HB347. This is the first time in a governor's veto has been overridden since 1977.

*in best Nelson voice* Ha Ha!

Ohio HB347 addressed several provisions of the relatively new concealed carry law in Ohio, and clarified some issues about carrying in a vehicle.

But here's the kicker. Heh.

Sec. 9.68. (A) The individual right to keep and bear arms, being a fundamental individual right that predates the United States Constitution and Ohio Constitution, and being a constitutionally protected right in every part of Ohio, the general assembly finds the need to provide uniform laws throughout the state regulating the ownership, possession, purchase, other acquisition, transport, storage, carrying, sale, or other transfer of firearms, their components, and their ammunition. Except as specifically provided by the United States Constitution, Ohio Constitution, state law, or federal law, a person, without further license, permission, restriction, delay, or process, may own, possess, purchase, sell, transfer, transport, store, or keep any firearm, part of a firearm, its components, and its ammunition.
What this means is the unconstitutional (Ohio and US constitutions) additional restrictions that many (actually most) big cities in Ohio put on people's ability to keep and bear arms will be null and void in 89 days.

The racist "Saturday Night Special" and retarded "assault weapons" bans are going out the door. Of course, their will be well-funded leftists trying to use every legal trick in the book to quash this, so we'll see what happens.

Does anyone actually believe that criminals will now go buy firearms that they wouldn't have before, just because the law has changed?

I didn't think so.