Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Traitors All?

Congress open to passing bill on immigration

Congress will approve an immigration bill that will grant citizenship rights to most of the 12 million to 20 million illegal aliens in the U.S. after Democrats take control next month, predict both sides on Capitol Hill.

What is with politicians wanting to legalize illegal behavior?
Precedent and incentives are not gifts to be traded against the wishes of, and at the expense of, the electorate.
People do NOT want amnesty for illegals. It is unfair, and dangerous to the country.
Very few on either side of the aisle seem to recognize this.
The President doesn't seem to understand this either.

Democrats in both chambers say they will start with some form of legislation first drafted by Sens. John McCain, Arizona Republican, and Edward M. Kennedy...
Good Lord.
Between this and the NAFTA SuperCorridor/North America Union, I don't know if I should quit voting, or just move.