Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Another Reason

Another reason to hate the French, and another reason to read Vox.
Bernard-Henri Levy aka Frenchy, tells us where he stands in Vox Day's blog piece,

It is good to hate the French
[Frenchy says:]
My latest book, American Vertigo, is an account of a journey I took through the US. I wrote it because I thought that for a European intellectual there was nothing more important than to understand what was happening in America, to go and tell the Americans what was wrong with their society.

To which Vox replies:

This is the sort of "intellectual" whose ass I'd like to kick, then explain to him that the ass-kicking was actually a metaphorical piece of performance art intended to raise consciousness about the suppression of the French language by the global English hegemony and that anyone who is not honored to have played a vital role in such an important, revolutionary speaking of truth to power must be a complete Philistine.
That was the part where coffee came out of my nose.
Was he channeling FrankJ for a moment?

This whole thing might end up on France 24!

Anyway, go read the whole thing, it's short, and has a snail at the end!