Thursday, January 11, 2007

Gun Free Zone

Dear Gun-grabbing Libs:
If you want to put your money where your mouth is, proudly display these on your home and automobiles:

I think displaying these will prove you are brave and confident of your concept of reality that you wish to force upon others using people with guns.
The irony meter is pegged.

So go ahead!
Show your neighbors and the criminals you won't tolerate evil inanimate objects.
You'll make a great point (or tragic case study), and at the same time you will make my home and family much safer!

If you're a politician or a celebrity, show some courage and leadership; have all your guards armed only with consumer-available pepper spray, and a set of car-keys splayed between the knuckles (scary!). That'll get some guns off of the streets right there.

When I am convinced this strategy is effective, I will consider handing over my alleged firearms (that I don't have any of, and even if I did, said alleged possession is none of the government's damn business anyway).


Rock on, GFW's!!!

Thanks to Tom Buchanan for the graphics!
Go check him out!!