Wednesday, January 17, 2007

M1 Carbine from the CMP

This info has been around a little bit, but for those of you who may not have heard yet, here is the information regarding the the M1 Carbine from the CMP:

29 December, 2006. The Army has transferred to the CMP a significant quantity of M1 Carbines. We are currently processing these carbines through our Inspection & Repair operations and expect to have some ready for sale by 1 March, 2007, but it may be sooner. More information will be posted on this web page as it becomes available.

At this time no decisions have been made as to grading, pricing, or limits. We are not accepting orders or establishing waiting lists at this time!!
Info is here: CMP M1 Carbine

Not the most effective round (and would not be my first choice for offensive/defensive implement), but certainly a fun shooter and a piece of history, too!! They're pretty loud, too. Heh.

(I got to shoot a couple of M2's a few months ago, and they were a hoot! The M2 is the full-auto version of the M1, FYI).

Go check out the Civilian Marksmanship Program website.