Saturday, February 24, 2007

Feelin' the Peace Yet?

When someone tells you that no culture or religion is better or worse than another, make sure you yell shenanigans! at them really loud....

Come feel the peace and love:

"The Whore Lived Like a German"

In the past four months, six Muslim women living in Berlin have been brutally murdered by family members. Their crime? Trying to break free and live Western lifestyles.

'I killed her because she was un-Islamic'

LAHORE: Muhammad Sarwar, the killer of Pakistani Punjab's woman minister Zil-e-Huma, believes that women cannot rule over men.

“I have no regrets. I killed her out of the conviction that she was leading an un-Islamic life and spreading an evil influence on other women,”

Father killed family for being too western

A father killed his wife and four daughters in their sleep because he could not bear them adopting a more westernised lifestyle, an inquest heard yesterday.

On Hallowe'en last year he sprayed petrol throughout their terraced home in Accrington, Lancs, and set it alight.

Note to Koranimals: Please don't burn me alive. I would much rather be shot or beheaded, but hopefully only after I run out of bacon-grease-coated ammo. :)

Granted, most Muslims don't behave this way, but their religion DOES make it ok.

And killing and raping children. No wonder the Leftists love Islam - Killing children is an integral part of both their platforms.

Even slavery is cool. Really.
But perhaps that is what one can expect when a religions prophet takes a six year old wife.

But in all fairness, he didn't consummate the marriage until she was nine...

Peace on, homies.