Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Hilary For President!!

Someone at work asked me if I was going to vote for Hillary for president, and I answered, "Heck yeah!"

Hilary Duff rules. She can sing, she acts, she supports the troops.

I mean sure, she's kind of young, but we need some new blood in there that isn't part of the political machine.

She doesn't have much experience, but neither does B. Hussein Obama, and the media love him. Some say he is good looking. Hmmmmm.
He ain't no Hilary, that's for sure.

Hilary is not a whore like Madonna, or Paris Hilton or John Kerry.
She is wholesome and a good role model for the children.

Hilary wasl born when Ronald Reagan was president! That's a great omen!
Hilary is an actor, and Reagan was an actor!!

Talk about good mojo!!!

Hilary is rich, doesn't have to worry about money. Being rich will help her fit right in, in Washington.

Also, Hilary Duff...
Wha? Hilla-who?
Who the hell in their right mind would vote for the Lizard Queen?!?!?

I for one, do not want a rich, white, reptilesbian overlord eating puppies and sacrificing children at her dark altar, while occupying the White House.

Also note, Hilary Duff has one "L" in her name, like in "Love", Liberty and "Concealed Carry License".
Billary has two "L"'s in her name, like "iLLegal", "AdoLf HitLer", and "HeLL".

But CUG, Hitlary is sooooo smart.
David Berkowitz and Charles Manson were smart too, asshat. What's your point?

Plus, if Hil is so freakin' smart, how could she have been tricked by Bush, like she now claims when giving speeches to her unwashed stoopid hippy masses?

The left tells us Bush is stupid.
If he can trick Hillary, she must be quite stupid herself; more so than Bush.
I mean, she had access to all the same info, plus more, given her position prior to Bush's presidency.
And, honestly, why would anyone want to vote for someone that stupid?

And let's face it, she REALLY can't sing!!

So what's it going to be, the lady, or the lizard...?
And given my "choices" being offered up by the Republicans, I may just write Ms. Duff in for spite, anyway.