Monday, February 19, 2007

I Heart My Chevy

Last week's snowstorm gave me an opportunity to remember why I love my Chevy 1500 Z71.

It chomped through the snow like Rosie O'Donut through a Saturday night all-you-can-eat buffet.
I didn't even need to plow my driveway to get out.
(I did plow it for my neighbors and my family, however.)

So I got to thinking about it, and decided there are basically 4 reasons to own a pickup truck.
Feel free to use these when considering the purchase of one:

1. 4 wheel-drive (4WD) trucks go through snow and/or mud like no car ever will. If you live where conditions warrant, this can be a lifesaver. You sit up nice and high. Smooooth sailing.

2. Hauling and towing.
When you need a truck to haul or tow something, there is not much else to replace it.
Try putting a 900lb gunsafe in you Camry.

3. Chicks dig trucks. Trucks are utile, and cool at the same time.
They reek of testosterone.
(Note to self: Buy gun-rack for the Chevy back window.)

4. Owning a truck upsets Prius drivers and other gay-car owning folk.
Additionally, you will irk other various limousine driving, private-jet flying Leftards, Algore, and assorted hippies. This advantage alone makes owning a truck worthwhile.

Below is the Chevy C4500 Kodiak.



I don't need one by any means, but it sure is cool.
And man!! Would it ever pi**-off the hippies and green-weenies.

But jimmyb!!! What about the stranded, helpless polar bears, you heartless SOB?!?!?!

I think they'll be just fine, seeing that that the whole thing was a fake.

If you'll excuse me now, I'm going to idle my truck for an hour in the driveway, just for spite.
And maybe (according to junk science) it'll help warm it up today!!