Thursday, March 08, 2007

He's Killin' Me.

Dude, where's my president?

Bush to pledge billions in aid on Latin trip
Jon Ward, White House correspondent, The Washington Times

President Bush's seven-day trip to south and central America later this week will focus on "new initiatives to benefit the people of Latin America," National Security Adviser Stephen Hadley said this morning.

Which section of the Constitution, that Mr. Bush swore to uphold, is that specified in?
By whose authority is he pledging my tax dollars?

Mr. Bush will announce $1.6 billion in aid to the region for health care, education, growth of small businesses, and home ownership, Mr. Hadley said.

I'll bet there are plenty of people here that would like that opportunity.
Don't all the illegal immigrants he wants to give amnesty to need houses and health care and education? How about all the people that have lost manufacturing jobs?

If you are going to illegally give away citizens' money, how about giving it to said citizens? Or at least non-citizens that are on our soil!! Sheesh!!!

The president will also talk with Brazilian President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva about increasing the production of ethanol as an alternative fuel source.

What about our farmers? How about our oil industry?
Why do we care about Brazil's ethanol, unless we are going to buy it at a discount?

"The president's view is that there is a real opportunity in this region in bio-fuels," Mr. Hadley said.

Opportunity for whom?
Brazilians, businesses, or Americans citizens?
I doubt "all of the above" is one of the answers.

Mr. Hadley also said the president's trip -- to Brazil, Uruguay, Columbia, Guatemala and Mexico, in that order -- is not an anti-Chavez trip, referring to Venezeluan President Hugo Chavez, who has repeatedly voiced strong criticisms of Mr. Bush and the U.S. government.

However, Mr. Hadley said, democracy in the region "is something we don't want to lose."

Who says it is ours to keep to begin with?
Can we really afford to save the whole world?

How about we get our manufacturing base back first, and then save everyone else on the planet after that. Or are we going to be a super-power with Walmart, Starbucks and health care workers?

Service economies can't build war machines.
And if you ever need to, you are at the mercy of your providers of goods.

If said providers are not your friendly to your cause, or worse yet, are your enemies...

Attempts by Mr. Chavez to "intervene" in other south and central American countries "has been an issue," Mr. Hadley said.

How so? Please do elaborate.
I'm no fan of Chavez, but I think you can do better than "has been an issue".
If our intervention is preferable, then let's get the UN to chip in some cash.
I don't want their approval just their (our) money.

I'm so depressed.