Friday, March 16, 2007

My Mom Is Cool.

This is the email my mom sent to dangerous asshat, Christian Trejbal, regarding his posting of the names and addresses of over 100,000 concealed carry permit holders:

Dear Sir:

I was deeply concerned and grieved to learn of your posting the names
and locations of concealed-carry permit holders in the fine state of
Virginia. I was rather disturbed that you would compare them with
convicted sex offenders re the public's right to know! Do you really
believe that people who bother to register their weapons and to apply
for concealed-carry permits are likely to harm anyone who isn't directly
threatening them or their family members? The shooters are the ones
with illegal guns and no intention of registering them. I think
statistics would bear that out.

By the way, I'm a 65-year-old great-grandmother who owns no weapons and
does not belong to the NRA. I just believe in the Constitution and in
looking at reality. Do you really believe you have helped anyone by
posting this list? I suspect you have actually put some folks at risk.
That would be a real tragedy. I don't know how you can rectify that
wrong, but prayer might be good. A public apology in at least as large
a font, in at least as prominent a position as the original article,
would be appropriate.

mama (jimmyb's mom)

Amen, mama!

And don't forget, let Christian and his employer know that he should get a new job as a homeless person! Or maybe a speed-bump!
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