Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Today Is...

Today is my blog's 2 year anniversary.

Funny, it only feels like 22 and a half months.

I did not buy a gun for my blogiversary (BBAGA), but I did get a nice tweak-up on one.
This first picture is my Series 80 Colt Gold Cup in (of course) 45 ACP, as I originally bought it.
The sight is mounted on a rail that extends off of, and is integral with, the grip on the other side.
(Just FYI, I lost that horrid right hand wood grip long ago.)

It was starting to loosen up on me, and ultimately, I ended up having one of the two grip screw bushings strip out.

That's bad. There is not much metal on really any pistol grip (for size and weight considerations). I had to have it re-tapped and put an oversized bushing in it (thanks H!). According to my (gun)smith, H, you only get to do that once, and then major surgery is required.

I wanted to mount a scope rail on this a long time ago, but the thought of some actually drilling holes in my Gold Cup gave me the willies! And you know how I feel about major surgery.

After shooting a 184 (out of 300) in competition, and having to tighten that STOOPID GRIP MOUNT after every magazine or two, the willies went away...

So I asked H and D what I should get.
After discussions and some pondering, I decided on the Les Baer rail.
H said D was much better suited to do the job, which was no problem with me.
One week later, I got this:




(Click pictures for largification!)
D gave it back to me at the range. He was late and I was nervous, as anyone would be when someone close goes under the knife mill.

But man did it turn out sweet.

This is a tough job. The rail is mounted with screws that go into holes tapped into the dust cover of the receiver. The dust cover tapers from thicker to thinner from grip to muzzle end, so each screw is a different length. Each screw is number (but I can't see them w/out help) because they are all different lengths, and only go in one spot.

Everything has to be laid out, squared up and symmetrical. It is time consuming and delicate work.
D is a freakin' artist.

Now I could put my rubberized Pachmayr grips on it (which I did).
Now here's the freaky part. I kept my scope with me when I gave D the gun, and re-mounted it when I got it back. I resigned myself to probably a half-hour or so to get old, trusty Tasco red-dot sighted back in.

So, I load up, seat myself, sandbag the weapon, and squeeze off the first shot.



It's not even on the paper.

But wait! My master-machinist friend D tells me it's in the black ring of the target.
Surely this cannot be, so I look in my spotting scope.

I'll be danged. My eagle-eyed compadre is correct.
Not only is it in the black, it's in the X.


Of course, this can only be explained as an anomaly, so I take another shot, figuring this will be off, but it should at least be on the paper, making for a short job sighting her in.


Heh. The new hole is touching the other hole by half.

Me: DAMN D, you're REALLY good!!

D: I'm not THAT frakkin' good.

I beg to differ, but he will hear none of it.
Talented and humble. You can't beat that.

Also, I am going to order a new scope for my blogiversay today. So it's all good.

Please feel free to shower me with accolades, and buy me many semi- and full-auto weapons, ammo, and expensive liquor.
Oh yeah, and bacon, too.

Or just say howdy in the comments. :)

And lastly, and certainly NOT LEASTLY, thank you dear readers, for stopping by.
You rock.

Even you lefties. ;)

See ya 'round the pool...