Tuesday, April 03, 2007

The Last Line Says It All.

More people that want to raise your taxes giving us their wisdom.
Taxes on petroleum and even your electric bill will save the planet!!
(Not so sure about the economy, however.)

The gist of the article is pretty standard "penalize the US and let everyone else slide" stuff.
But the last line in the article really tells you the agenda of some people; we want to tax you for your own good.
Taxes have awesome, unforeseen benefits. Yay!

CO2 Tax Could Cut Emissions and Reduce Other Taxes, Economists Say

Mankiw said he would support carbon and gasoline taxes, even if science proved that global warming was not linked to CO2 emissions, because of the impact such taxes would have on other externalities such as urban congestion and vehicle accident rates.

Can you say power and control, kids?
Mmm-hmm, I thought you could.

Did you believe the part where he said we could cut everyone's taxes if we raised other taxes?
I don't think Congress looks like it's in a tax cut mode.