Monday, April 09, 2007

Things I Learned at the Lima Gun Show

A: As polite as people are at gun shows, several of them have two concepts they can't seem to grasp:

1. If everyone uses the right lane, just like when you drive, things go MUCH smoother. You would think after the 11th person they bump into, the would get the hint (of course, they're probably whining that everyone was going the wrong way). Obliviots.

2. In a crowded gun show, there is the remote possibility that while you are standing and flapping you cake-hole in the middle of the small aisleway, there may be someone behind you not interested in your BS story, wishing to move on.

B: In Lima, Ohio guns are apparently made of gold, platinum, palladium, ruthenium, rhodium, osmium and iridium; and they are priced accordingly.

C: Additionally, people will pay top dollar for crap. I hope you got a good story to go with that over-priced garage-sale rifle.

D: The "no firearms allowed" signs on all the doors to the gun show buildings is funny as hell.

E: I may have to start going to smaller shows.