Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Time To Riot and Kill?

The never-ending war on Christianity continues:
(From WorldNet Daily)

School drill portrays killers as Christians

School officials in Burlington, N.J., who wanted to stage a "hostage situation" drill have portrayed the attackers as Christians, including one who was upset that his daughter was expelled for praying before class.

Supt. Chris Manno praised the exercise to test the response of the school and police, explaining, "You perform as you practice. We need to practice under conditions as real as possible in order to evaluate our procedures and plans so that they're as effective as possible."

Lifesite News reported that the Christian students in the school were offended when the student body was told the alleged gunmen were "members of a right-wing fundamentalist group called the 'New Crusaders' who don't believe in separation of church and state."

Ahhhh, the government teaching more tolerance.
What could possibly be wrong with that?

The saddest part is, if they portrayed the killers as Muslims, it would be front page, top story news in the MSM.

And Supt. Chris Manno would be fired. As he should be right now.

And I was just kidding about the title. Only evil, primitive, ignorant, insane, moronic animals would riot and kill because someone insulted their religion.

Oops! Sorry Scientoligists!! No offense.