Monday, April 16, 2007


Well, this can't be good.

Or can it...?

This is Haleigh, the newest addition to our family.
I didn't even know we were expecting!
(Click pictures to expandify them.)

This next picture shows her "happy with an attitude" look.

Followed soon after by the "I am just so darned precious; worship me" look.

But, jimmyb, you ask, is she truly a family member? A VRWC kind of pup?

Well let us see.

"Haleigh, where's the hippie?"
(Note appropriate response below)

Yup. A chip of the old CUG tree.
The apple doesn't fall far from the block(head) ya know.
10.6 pounds of pure toothy, commie-hating snuggle-muffin!
She will be smiting in no time.

Of course, I could tell she was a staunch conservative libertarian as soon as I saw her.

But jimmy, don't you already have two dogs, and why in the WORLD would you get a third?

Here's how that rolls:

1. Get a family dog, name it Molly, and have it for a decade.
Best. Dog. Ever.

2. Have the vet tell you she is going to die in two or three weeks.

3. A year later, when she's still plugging along, get a replacement puppy (Jake), as that previous dire prediction is sure to become true any minute!!

4. Don't get any stock tips from vet.

5. Watch in wonder, as in a year and a half, Molly and Jake become bestest friends in the whole world.

6. Then watch the wife and daughter to go "look" at a shepherd puppy, because we all know Jake will be devastated when Molly passes (WHICH IS SURE TO BE ANY TIME!!!). (But we hope not.)

7. Greet puppy.

8. And don't forget the cat (who hid and pouted for two days; not Haleigh's biggest fan!).

9. Adopt a solid, non-negotiable no-more-pets rule, pretty much like the last one you had... but this time you really mean it!!

And of course, I have just taken another hit on the male/female ratio in the household, which now stands at 2 to 5.

But Jake and I can handle it...

Welcome aboard, Haleigh!