Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Make a Fortune

If you have a machine that will un-bunch liberals' panties, you could probably retire shortly.

Illinois 10-Month-Old Issued Firearm Owner's Identification Card

"Anyone who wants to own a firearm or purchase a firearm needs a FOID card," Ludwig told FOX News. "I applied for one of these for my son. Now ironically he can’t buy a gun until he’s 18 years old, but if he wants to own one -- which he does thanks to Grandpa -- he needs one of these cards anyhow."

That's how ridiculous Illinois gun laws are.
Don't you feel safer knowing the state government is watching a 10 month old kid, and knows what weapons he owns?
Has this amassing of information stopped one murder, prevented one robbery?
Or has it just cost the law-abiding and the tax-payer a ton of money-for-nothing?

And we all know from history, including here in this country, that governments knowing who has what firearms-wise is a precursor to confiscation.

I am working furiously on the XB-2000 Pantie Unbuncher, even as we speak.