Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Spite Is A Beautiful Thing

(Try to pick out the spiteful and sarcastic keywords and phrases in this post! There will be hints for those of you who want to vote for Hillary, and/or think global warming is man-made!! Key is at the bottom of the post.)

Tuesday was hot, for early May.
We actually hit 90 degrees.

Of course, my first thought was this was caused by global cooling, global warming, global climate change, elven magic.

Eeeeek! Save me!!!

(Naturally, I had to ignore some facts like it was cooler than average last week, and the other planets are heating up, but hey, that's what new-age hippie religions are all about!)

So because Tuesday is the pistol-league night (although it's just practice until June) I started to load up my guns, along with all the pertinent paraphernalia, into my 4WD full-sized, extended cab, V8, American-made pickup truck.

And then, because it was hot, the loading process was going to take several trips, and I'm a spiteful SOB (no offense, Mom!!), on the first load I started the truck to let it idle while I cranked up the air-conditioning.

I did this for several reasons:
1. To cool off the truck.
2. To line the pockets of oil-barons.
3. To piss off hippies, tree-huggers, and leftist Democratic (and RINO) politicians (i.e. for spite)
4. Because global warming hype is a scam, fake and gay.

It was wonderful.
I felt all warm cold and fuzzy after that.
And then I got to shoot off a bunch of ammo. (I've shot better: 252 rimfire, and 224 centerfire, but still had fun.)

The perfect evening, I must say.

Key for leftists:
Italics = Sarcasm
Bold = Words, ideas and concepts that piss-off hippies and other leftards.