Thursday, June 28, 2007

From the Mind of Vox

I was pretty moved by this exchange between Atheist Al, and Vox Day in the comment section of Vox's blog:

I am the product of my observations and environment, and can only believe or disbelieve what makes sense to me. If that makes me an a**hole, a militant atheist, or whatever, that's okay.

Al, the mere fact that you are humble enough to state that disqualifies you from the asshole status of the militant atheist. I have no problem with atheists like you, Brent Rasmussen and others, who simply don't believe in God.

But you're not running around constantly screaming about how stupid everyone else who doesn't share your lack of belief either. You don't bring it up in every single freaking conversation.

Wish I could believe I'd spend eternity with my loved ones.

Keep an open mind. I hope one day you will. Since you believe God doesn't exist, it can't possibly hurt to ask Him to show Himself to you... and no one even has to know.

I think the words speak for themselves, and there is no need for me to comment further on them. Good luck, Al, and God bless.