Tuesday, July 31, 2007

ePostal Update

A couple updates for the contest.

1. a4g of the brilliant Point 5, wanted to see some pictures of the targets.
This is fine, but he needs to shoot some targets, too. Know what I mean?

So here's a couple -

The first one is Denise's ONE HANDED target, with an unparalleled score of 88 (out of 91!).
Denise (of the super The Ten Ring) is a bullseye competition shooter like I am.

Ok - Not like I am. She's way, way freaking better!

In the professional circles, this target falls under the technical designation of "Holy Crap!!", or "I'm sooooooo jealous".
(Click either picture to expandify.)

Her site is aptly named...

Also, here is one from unbeatable (at least this season) Mr. Completely, with a two-handed score of 90 OUT OF 91!! -

I've got more whuppings from Mr. C than I've gotten from both my parents combined (they were way too easy on me).
Once again, he is definitely one of the guys persons (sorry Denise!) to beat .
I would say both these shooters have reached the "badass" classification of the epostal contest.

2. Additionally, late shooter, BillH submitted a late entry that wasn't on time and was late. ;)
Lately, I've been in a good mood, so I put his scores (he shot in Class 3) into the main table (see immediately preceding post, Circular Thinking Results).

Thanks to all the players, again! Everyone did a great job!!
(Heck, I had a blast and even took a last place!!!)

I can hardly wait until the next contest over at Carnaby Fudge!
When it's posted, I'll let you know.
Now I've got to go load more ammo...