Sunday, July 22, 2007


I've been double-tagged by two premo bloggers, ScottG of Ah Shoot and part-timer Insolublog.
So, here are 8 random facts about myself.

1. I quit smoking by getting acupuncture (going on 3 years, now). I'm a huge skeptic, but I was willing to try anything. I was at around 2 packs a day of Marlboro 100's (reds, even) for about 25 years.
It worked, but (and this is why I think it is more than just a psychosomatic response) it killed my previously ravenous desire for snow crab legs.

I use the money I save from evil, harmful killing cigarettes to by warm, happy, life-saving firearms.

2. I never really particularly wanted to own guns when I was younger, until I realized there was a large contingent of people (ESPECIALLY government people and furiners) who thought I was too dumb and dangerous to own them. Gungrabbers piss me off, especially when they're RINO's.

Guess who will never get my vote...

3. I want a law passed that forces all politicians who pass gun laws to go enforce the laws themselves, in person. I eagerly await Chucky Shumer's and The Lizard Queen's et al arrival.
I wonder if Rudy will show up...

Μολὼν λαβέ !!

4. I went to Catholic schools for many of my school years, and graduated from high school a borderline atheist/agnostic. Life is so much more fun when you can just make up your own rules.

5. My physics classes in college convinced me there was indeed a god, or even God. Even given infinite time, life and the universe are not happenstance. It is mathematically impossible.

6. I know now that God (with a capital G) does exist, and His Son Jesus died for my sins. He's pretty cool like that. No math was required here.

7. HAPPY HAPPY!! I just got an email that my Hornady Lock and Load Auto Progressive reloading press shipped out from its backorder status (and was supposedly due to ship in September).
Not that I have a need to make hundreds or thousands of rounds at a sitting.

Bonus info: The press is $319 at Midsouth, and lists for $437 at Hornady's own site. Plus, you get 1000 free bullets (up to $285 worth!!) from Hornady when you buy one of these. A great press and top of the line projectiles, too. I have their single-stage L and L, and love it.
Thanks to Chris (and his lovely wife Melody) Byrne, of The Anarchangel for the heads up regarding this press. The whole Anarchangel roundup of the press is here: The Final Roundup.

8. I am constantly dumbfounded by how much I love my wife and daughter, and even more amazed that my wife stays with a lazy, porky, gun-nut like me. They're the tops! Marrying up rocks!

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