Sunday, August 05, 2007

Home On the Range

(Click any pic for a bigger, badder view!)

Range day highlights included some trap-shooting and lots of conversation. Then before it got too dark, friend Bobcreek broke out the Sten sub-machine gun (in 9mm).

Much lead was thrown.
This guy and his girlfriend happened by, and got to shoot it too! Interestingly, that is how I got to shoot my first one, too. Right place at the right time.

I tried to get a picture of the muzzle blast (flame), but all I could get was the smoke to show up a little. STOOPID DIGITAL CAMERA!!

At dark, we went into the pistol range for a little blasty goodness, and decided to line up the various cartridges we had with us, just for shiggles.
Can you determine which one is which? Answers below the picture.

From left to right:
50 BMG (of course)
416 Barret
408 Cheytac
223 Remington/5.56mm (M-16 round)
41 Mag
38 Special
45 ACP
9mm NATO
22 Long Rifle

I forgot I had a 357 Mag in my box. Oh well.
And finally, D brought his home brewed "Green Weenie" I don't know why he calls it that, and I don't want to know... Of course, it is a 1911 45.

And yes the hammer is back, but it is cleared, and pointing downrange.

It is a beautiful piece, and a great shooter.
Smooth and accurate. And D does most of his own customizing work, too.
Between him and H, I'm in good shape!

I think I'm going to start taking more range day pics, as they rock.