Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Rumor Has It.

(Ed's note: Dude, I don't care which way you swing, but keep it out of the public bathrooms. There are children that go in there. Perv.)

Senator Larry Craig (R-Idaho) has quit the Romney campaign in disgrace, after an ugly public-bathroom scandal.

He was rumored to have said it would be "FAAAAAABULOUS!" if he could get on John Edwards campaign, because "John understands me" and "he's just so perky!!".
When asked how he was feeling after dealing with all the negative publicity, he shouted, "I'M SUUUUPER!! Thanks for asking!!!".

He also stated he was willing to take one for the team at any time. He did not specify which team...

Mark Foley and Barney Frank were asked to opine, and reportedly said "Glrgeb mfcx echhlrgg!".

Hillary was overheard laughing maniacally.

The RNC was noted fiddling and ignoring a large amount of smoke and flames (of more than one sort, apparently).