Monday, August 13, 2007


TIOBAM: Short for "That is one big-ass monkey!

Someone won this for my daughter at Cedar Point amusement park.

It is freaking ginormous.
We may have to add an extra room on the house just to make room for it. It takes up more room than our recliners.

For perspective - the BAM with a goodly sized German Shepherd pup (click pics for bignatic effect):

And if you haven't met the pup, here it is with an M1 Garand, handily dwarfing it.

But the funny part is, she drove for hours with it in the trunk/pass-through back seat of a 2002 Olds Alero. Along with two people in the back sitting on the folded-down back seat being uber-crowded by the BAM!!

Now them there are some friends...

And to the question, "Is there anything you can't work a gun angle into?" the answer is, apparently, "No".