Thursday, August 30, 2007

You Talkin' to Me?

This is why we need to practice gun safety around kids.
Let's say you have a little one with an attitude...

Well, a maladjusted tyke might steal some ammo to deal out some swift justice to all who oppose her, and of course, to hippies in general. Here is photographic evidence of the 7.62X39 caper:

To hide the evidence, she threw out or hid some of the cardboard boxes.
Sneaky! (Ok, she might have eaten them.)

More evidence of an impending massacre...

Thank the earthmother the actual implements that fire these rounds were locked up I don't actually own anything that would fire these rounds!! Heh.

Additionally, she would have a small amount of difficulty loading the magazines with no thumbs, but she is very determined.

I'm thinking diversity training and positive reinforcement are in order...