Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Real Conversation: GM Strike Follies!

The following conversation took place between an Omaha Steaks salesperson, and a CUGStar operator:

*phone rings*

CUG: Hello?

Young Chick from Omaha Steaks (YCOS): Hi! May I speak to "The Conservative UAW Guy", please? (Ed's note: Name changed to protect the guilty).

CUG: You got him.

YCOS: Hi! This is Amber, from Omaha steaks, and I'd like to tell you about a couple of great offers we have...

CUG: Uh....yeah. Well, I work at GM.

YCOS: *silence*

CUG: I work at General Motors.

YCOS: Soooo...that's like a car place, isn't it?

CUG: Yes. Yes, it is a "car place".

YCOS: Well this is Omaha Steaks.

CUG: Do you ever watch the news?


CUG: (To self - Oh, good Lord). *silence*

CUG: Well, we're on strike right now, so I don't have a job. How about calling back after the strike is over?

YCOS: Well, hmf, ok.

CUG: Thank you. *click*

I sure hope she doesn't vote.
And in Omaha Steaks' defense, they do have good chow.