Saturday, October 20, 2007

Gunblogger Rendezvous II Highlights.

(Click on any pic to bigify.)

A couple of these are my pictures, but many of them are courtesy of the gracious Joe Huffman, of Boomershoot fame, amongst other things.

Why Joe's pictures? He took way more pictures than I, with a much better camera, and the resultant pictures were, as one might expect, much better.

Thanks, Joe!
Here is Joe and his lovely and charming wife, Barb.

They are standing by the car where Joe found my Microtech knife that I would have been most upset to lose. Thanks again!

The MAN who started the Gunblogger Rendezvous, the talented Mr. Completely.
Take a bow, sir!

And Mr. C's better half, the comely Keewee, of Keewee's Corner.

And yes, she shoots... a lot.
Here she is with Say Uncle and his 9mm AR15 (very cool, BTW).

The most beautiful shooting range I've ever seen...

Joe Huffman's ultra-accurate, loooong range, match-grade Remington 700 in 300 Winchester Magnum, or as Kevin calls it, a godswitch. Heh.
Note the totally old-school HP calculator on the bench for gooey gun geeky goodness. Yes, he calculates range and ballistics and bullet drop and.... "stuff" with it.
Gun geeks are the best geeks.

USCitizen loading up the AR15 50BMG conversion!
And yes, he is an FFL and Class III dealer! Yay!!

Oh, yeah...

Yes, size does matter; note the 22 Long Rifle cartridges in the magazines at the bottom left.

Say Uncle at the trigger of the 50.
Don't think you don't get some looks from the other folks there when that puppy goes off!!!

Yikes! A split 50BMG case!! Mondo bad juju.

As was the case last year (the Kalashnikitty shirt), Melody Byrne once again had the best t-shirt at the range.

Dirtcrasher from Anthroblogogy engaging in some stress relief with his beautiful 45 Colt Long revolver. What a sweet shooter that piece is. Update: I almost forget that Dirtcrasher dropped about $200 bucks on refreshments and never asked for recompense. What a guy!!

Our guest of honor Charles "Chuck" Ziegenfuss, and Mr. Completely.
And can Chuck shoot! Wow!!
He also got to meet Steven Tyler of Aerosmith on his way home.

What a great time.
And for a great cause, too: Project Valor-IT. Check it out. Give 'em some cash.

I should have some more stuff up soon. Lots of gun pron.