Tuesday, October 02, 2007

It Has Begun...

Summer is officially over, and the fall pistol league has begun.

The first night of the league I shot a 98-3X (out of 100) on my rapid fire target (rim-fire) with the trusty Ruger MKII!

(Rapid fire consists of two strings of 5 shots, in 10 seconds, 10 shots total - shot standing, one-handed at 50 feet).

Of course, I boned my slow fire target, and only ended up with a 267-4X (out of a 300 perfect score). Respectable, but i want that elusive 270+.

I want it bad. *sigh*

Center fire score tonight - Meh. 235-0X.
I need to be in the 240's and 250's. My pipe dream is high 260's to low 270's.
I'll update you on that and if monkeys fly out of my butt.
Roughly the same odds.

Anyhoo, this means I need more practice, which means I have to do more shooting.

Hmmm...There has to be a downside in there somewhere, but I'm not seeing it.
I'd better go reload some ammo...