Monday, October 08, 2007

My 15 Minutes of Fame

Here is an interview I did with Patriot Xeno, of Right Hand of God. It is the first time the origination of the name jimmyb has been broached.

Heh. Kind of sad...

So a while back, in a post I'm too lazy to link to, Conservative UAW Guy won the pickup line contest, but was gaffing off all the notification emails I was sending to him. Well a couple weeks ago, he responded, and I've just been to busy to post it. Basically, it's something along the lines of IMAO's "Ronin Profiles", which I am also not linking to (though odds are you all are reading them anyways).

Without further ado, I give you Conservative UAW Guy:

How did you get your name?

Heh. Uhhhhh...well...

This is a two part answer:
Part One:
Once upon a time (decades actually) I used to do the driving (sober) to a lot of concerts, while the other concert goers could partake in adult beverages (and perhaps other things, I don't about that though - they were in the back!). This worked out for me as well, because I didn't feel crappy the next day, and I could actually remember the outing!

This semi-frequent chauffeuring ultimately landed me the moniker "James", as in "Home, James.".

Part 2:
Then one day, while I was (I think) at my brother's house, imbibing, I felt the sudden need to relieve myself of the contents of my stomach (I hate that). So while I was hugging my porcelain friend (, someone asked where I was, and the answer was (thanks, bro!):
"James? James be pukin'".

Which was then cruelly turned into James B. Pukin'. (Family members can be such pricks.)
And then sometimes it was just James B.
While rarely used, it was a good second name to use for code, and when I started cruising my first blog regularly ( my blogfather's site, IMAO, incidentally), jimmyb just seemed right.

Once I was using that, I didn't want to lose my street cred when I started my own humble blog, so I kept the name.

Give us a brief history of yourself.

I was born a poor black child... (Sorry, I always liked that movie, though).

Ohio born, still live there.
Married with two kids, one almost 21, one deceased.
Techno-nerdish tendencies, but still ultra-cool.

Exceedingly humble, as well.

I always liked electricity, and do industrial electrical maintenance, engineering consulting, computer stuff, and technical training for a living.
Ex-atheist, ex-agnostic, ex-Democrat, ex-hippie, but always pro-gun.

And damned near an ex-Republican.
I think I'm morphing into a (small L) libertarian, or maybe I've been one and just didn't realize it...

Found Jesus late, but I think he was hiding behind a really tall guy, so...

Who is the greatest superhero, and why is it Batman?

Who else would it be? He has the coolest car and the coolest gadgets.
The various iterations of Cat Woman over the years don't hurt his case, either.

You've been one of our most consistent readers, how long have you been reading?
Wow. Uhhh...almost three years?
My blog is 2 and a half, and I think I was reading you guys before I started mine.

Why should we read your blog?
Because it's the third best blog in the universe (right behind RHOG and Maddox).

Final comments?

Did I win any guns or bacon?

Wait, I guess that's a question.
Comment: RHOG ROCKS!! (Ok, now do I get any guns or bacon?)

Indeed. We do, in fact, rock. Now go visit his site, and tell him we sent you.

The do, indeed, rock. Go see them at Right Hand of God.
And tell them jimmyb sent you!