Wednesday, October 03, 2007

She Cleans Up Nice.

Got the '02 Blackbird out over the weekend to try to at least run a tank of gas out of it this summer (I've put a whopping 100 miles on it this year, so far).

And I thought of an incident.

While cruising the country roads around my house one day, I came up behind a two wheeled rice-rocket at a stop sign. The driver turned to look at me (heh - the car is quite loud, I must say), and proceeded to gun his engine. As he did so, there were pops and whines and flames shot out of the muffler/tailpipe. Kind of nifty.

Understanding the offer, we proceeded to drive down the back roads.

So we're cat and mousing, just playing around, and he finally realizes he actually can't lose me. But it's all in fun, of course.

Then, I totally lost the "Who's Coolest" contest.

The guy starts slowing down. Quite a bit.
When he gets down to about sixty, which is indeed quite a bit slower than the 130mph (just kidding officers!) sedate 65mph we were doing only moments ago, he does something I've never seen.

He wiggles his butt a little, and then pops a wheelie, at SIXTY FREAKING MILES PER HOUR, and speeds up to about 90, riding that sucker for about 3/4's of a mile, or more.

My jaw dropped open. This guy is a nut!

Not only could I not top that, but I would never want to.

But it was pretty cool.
I wonder if he's still alive...