Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Does That Mean Boyscouts Are Psychos?

I was watching some stupid CSI type show, and the were on the scene where the cops shot some psycho guy with an EBR (that's an Evil Black Rifle for you GFW's (see definition 1).

To paraphrase, the actard said, "This guy is a piece of work. He's got guns, ammo, MRE's, water. What a nut case."

And here I'm thinking and mentally inventorying -

EBR - check (at least)
ammo - check
extra food - check
cases of water - check
camping gear, blankets, lanterns, cook stove, knives, etc - check
weather radio - check
flashlights - check
compass - check
grab and go box - check
beer - check

So I'm thinking, what's wrong with that?
Is being prepared a sign of being unstable and a threat to the government (at least in Hollywieird's eyes)?

I'll bet the folks that lived through Katrina have a couple of supplies laid in now.

Here's a totally sweet emergency kit, just for kicks: The Smith and Wesson Emergency Survival Kit, complete with the S + W 500! Woo-hoo!!
(Click pic for a better view of the sweetness!)

Heh. It's almost Christmas, ya know...