Thursday, December 27, 2007

Culinary Alert

Slugging back a mouthful of warm wine out of last night's Pinot Grigio-filled coffee mug (instead of the expected coffee) with your eggs for breakfast at 9:00 AM is NOT recommend by the author.
Talk about a rude awakening!

And yes, I do drink wine sometimes (at night!) out of a coffee mug for utilitarian reasons:

Low center of gravity to prevent tippage (this problem seems more prevalent as more wine is ingested);

a handle to prevent warming from body-heat;

the discretion factor (heh - I'm low profile);

much lower fragility factor when knocked off of table (again, more common as more wine flows, for some odd reason);

and they're easier to clean and/or put in dishwasher.

I'm sure Julia Child is spinning in her grave.