Tuesday, December 11, 2007

I'm Not Offended, Just Puzzled

From a real conservative (I guess):

Iowa Prediction [Rick Brookhiser]

While the Huckabees swarm, keep an eye on Ron Paul, whom I predict will do better than any poll shows.
I don't know how many wicked idiots there are in Iowa, but every single one of them will come out.

I find this interesting, as most of the people I interact with that support Dr. Paul are fairly devout Christians.
And from what I can ascertain (and this is anecdotal, of course); they would appear to be, for the most part, of above average intelligence.

I see neither idiocy, nor wickedness in these folks; just people who are weary (and wary) of big government elitists.
And none of them I know have ever spammed a site or poll, either.

Also noteworthy, at least to me: this is posted on NRO, which is supposedly a conservative publication. And they're attacking the supporters of a pro-gun, low tax, small government, protect the borders, pro-life candidate who actually has a voting record to back up what he says. Maybe it's because they can't attack the man himself.

Curiouser and curiouser...