Tuesday, January 01, 2008

I Do Feel Lucky, Punk!!

(Click on pics for a better view)


The birth of our Savior.


Helping the less fortunate.

Good will towards men.

Peace on earth.


Ayup, that about covers it.

And of course, when one has the coolest wife in the world, hardware happens.

Oh, look! A gift!!

It's in a lockable attache case.

Is it a spy camera maybe?
Perhaps a nuclear detonator?
The missing 18 1/2 minutes of the Nixon tapes?

Upon closer examination, we see something that says "Performance Center" on the case.
Hmmmm. Performance.
Maybe it's a 4BBL caurberator, or a new mass air flow sensor for the Trans Am!!
I know it can't be an ED thing for performance. Hmmm, indeed.

There is also the cryptic SW emblem on it.
Hmm.... Smiting Wussies? Spurious Wombats? Superatomic Wedgie?

Hard to say.
Mayhap I should open it and see!!

Oh my! Is that a scoped, stainless steel Super-Soaker?
Let's look a little closer...

If it is a Super-Soaker, it puts out a .44 inch stream of water!
Maybe the lettering on the barrel....

WOO-HOO!!! It's not a soaker, it's a freakin' HOG LEG!!
(That means a big-ass pistol to you city-folk.)

That, my friends, is a box-'o'-tiger-repellent.

In 44 Magnum flavor no less!!

Indeed, this is a Smith and Wesson 629-5 in 44 Magnum.
And not only is it a 629, it's a Performance Center 629.

And what does that mean? It' s basically a customized gun that was customized at the factory.
Notice that compensator and scope rail are integral to the 7 inch barrel; all machined out of the same piece of metal. Slab sided and all stainless.

And the trigger.... Oh, baby!
Truly a pleasure.

This particular piece also comes with a TC (Thompson Center) adjustable scope with a lighted reticle.

The scope rings also allow use of the fixed sights underneath the scope.
This weapon is quite suitable for hunting deer, as well as taking down tigers, vermicious knids or animals with blue UN helmets.

It shoots well, and has surprisingly manageable recoil (as 44's go), due (I would imagine) to the compensator, and the sheer weight of the gun and optics combined. It came from the pawn shop sighted in for 50 yards, it would seem. I haven't shot it off of sandbags yet, but it does quite nicely freehand with regular factory ammo.

I'll have to start rolling my own of this caliber if I want to shoot it much. $24 plus tax for 50 rounds at Wally World. Ouch!

For proportion, here are some cartridges in different sizes, from left to right:
22 Long Rifle, 115 gr 9mm Luger, 180 gr 40 Smith and Wesson, 200 gr 45 ACP, 125 gr 357 Magnum, and the nice, fat 240 grain 44 Magnum.

It's a thumper, alright.

And all technical aspects aside, it's just plain purty.

Even my mom likes it.

I think this was an appropriate first post for the new year, at least for this little blog.

Happy New Year all!